Ma. Katherine L. Nubla

Many people ask, “What’s the secret to your success?” There’s no secret… just a plain equation: “hard work + more hard work = SUCCESS”. Define success with your hard work and dedication. Hard work brings all the win for you, even it can beat the talent when talent does not seem to work. So give your best always and make yourself satisfied on what you’re doing.

As long as you work hard, no one can beat you. Life has many things to give, you need to earn it. God gives us all the talent, ability, imagination, and power. What we need is to make the best use of it. Remember, success brings achievements, but failure makes you experienced. Be happy at least that you learn something that will help you in the future.

Don’t go after the achievements, instead, make yourself desire and let the success follow you. Don’t think about your name and fame, you can earn it if you have the will. Be determined and push your limitation always. Don’t stop your walk, just go full journey ahead. You will end-up be gaining what you desire. In your life, if you fail in some point don’t be upset. You have all the ability to win your race; think beyond your ability and have faith in yourself and in God.

The journey of life is not that easy but those who know how to stand-up despite any failures, they are the winners of that journey. Never be afraid of trying but keep reaching for your goals with your dedication and hard work. Be enthusiastic about things to learn in life that you can make good opportunities and turn it to best investments and permanent wealth.

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