Journey with us as we celebrate the blend of science, nature, and ingenuity in the fertilizer industry. Explore the transformative power of products that prioritize both our planet and its people.

Fabricotti Mobili Trading Corp. was established in the year 2018, that specializes the agricultural needs of the Philippines and exporting its products in Southeast Asia especially in countries; Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

And also, an affiliate of SAM network company located in Thailand that manages the distribution, trading exporter of our agricultural products.Under Fabricotti Mobili Trading Corp. , we have agricultural products namely; Norinano, a plant supplement that strengthens back the soil that was weakened by agrochemical inputs. And plant nutrients such as; Amino gold Plus,Liquid Bio-N, Nutrinano Plus, and ArcoN plus composed mainly of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P),and potassium (K). Altogether, they make up the triad known as (NPK) from Thailand that has the capacity to generate nutrients needed by the plants to increase their standard growth and development.

We are licensed to operate as an accredited fertilizer importer and we own the Norinano plus fertilizer in the Philippines.