Using the simplicity of seawater, sun, wind, and time, we at Fabricotti Mobili Trading Corp. produce premium salt with a sustainable touch. Our approach is straightforward: blend tradition with modern efficiency. Experience purity and smart business with us.

At Fabricotti Mobili Trading Corp., we believe in combining age-old traditions with forward-thinking business strategies. By leveraging the primal forces of seawater, sun, wind, and time, we have streamlined a process that brings the purest form of salt straight from nature’s lap to your kitchen. Beyond mere production, our ethos revolves around creating value for our stakeholders, ensuring sustainable growth, and pioneering innovations in the salt industry. Join us in our business journey as we redefine industry standards, championing both quality and environmental responsibility.

Solar Salt

Welcome to Fabricotti Mobile Trading Corp. – the exclusive distributor of Master Chef’s premium solar salt products. Alongside Master Chef, we also import a selection of the finest solar salts from around the globe, ensuring you receive nothing but the best.

A Promise of Purity and Quality:
Solar salt, with its myriad of applications from domestic to industrial, demands the highest standards. Our flagship offering, the Master Chef solar salt, embodies this commitment. To our esteemed customers and partners, rest assured that every bag you receive from us is genuine, high-grade, and of unparalleled quality.

For genuine solar salt solutions, trust only Fabricotti Mobile Trading Corp.