Lion Fire Extinguisher

non-conductive, non-corrosive, and leaves no residue.


This is designed with heat sensor; it will trigger automatically whenever it sense the heat of 57°C or 68°C inside the confined area. Ideal for home, office, warehouse, production areas, laboratory, hospital, IT server rooms, solar and Low voltage rooms, etc.

Features of Lion Brand - HCFC-123 Chemical Type

  • Fully automatic through heat sensor
  • Applicable for all types of fire (A, B and C Fire)
  • Non-Corrosive (safe on computers and other electronic equipment)
  • Non-Conductor of electricity
  • Multi-Shot (can be used for several times because of its own concentrated pressure)
  • Not Messy (leaves no stains and residues)
  • Non-Expirable
  • Lifetime savings for your business
  • Lowest price
HCFC-123 Fire Gadget was published on Lifestyle Food, Philippine Daily Inquirer dated September 6, 2012: With Ms. Reggie Aspiras on her write-up column, we quote, "When I heard about this new fire gadget, it seemed to good to be true. Three days ago, I met Ms. Irene Nubla during an impressive product demo. Ms. Irene said the gadget is no longer called fire extinguisher it has other extra features. Ours is designed with a heat sensor. The unit will trigger automatically when it senses the heat hitting 57 deg C-68 deg in a confined area. Thus, it is always ready for action even without a person to man the gadget". Ms. Reggie also highlited, "No residue, non-corrosive, A 10-lbs unit covers about 30 sq m, and is effective on all types of fires. It carries a certification from the fire department. It is non-corrosive, fe to use on computers, Tv sets. It can be sprayed over and over again as long as he tank is not empty. But if the sensor goes off, it must be replaced only for a minimal cost."
Reggie Aspiras
Columnist Writer