Battery Repair Fluid

Quickly Active Battery Performance - Extend Battery Life

  • Net Weight: 500ml/bottle
  • Shelf Life: 5 years
  • Applicable Types: Suitable for both lead-acid batteries and gel batteries.
  • Usage: Ideal for electric cars, tricycles, motorcycles, toy cars, and more.
  • Main Ingredients: Ultra-pure distilled water, concentrated repair solution, active repair factor.
  • Innovative Formula: Developed by a professional R&D team, this non-traditional electrolyte solution differs from typical sulfuric acid. It’s synthesized from various chemical components to effectively enhance battery performance and prolong its lifespan.
  • Battery Activator: Designed to address a myriad of battery issues based on their unique characteristics. Easily resolves concerns such as:
    • Incomplete charge indication right from the start of charging.
    • Battery swelling.
    • Absence of indicator lights post-charge.
    • Excessive battery heat.
    • Severe battery water deficiency.
    • Notable decline in endurance.
    • Crystallization of ionized water.

  1. Wait until the battery is almost depleted.
  2. Carefully open the battery filler cap.
  3. Pour in the repair fluid, ensuring it’s 10mm above the battery’s plate chip. For batteries with two external scale lines, do not surpass the top line.
  4. Do not fill the battery to its full capacity with the repair fluid. Aim for about 90% – if you can faintly detect the level of the liquid, that’s approximately 90% full.
  5. After adding, let it sit for 3 hours to achieve optimal performance. For the initial charging post fluid addition, it’s advisable to leave the battery cover open.

Note: Overfilling is strictly prohibited. Ensure you follow the recommended levels for best results.