The PPS Building Technology Project

A revolutionary approach to accelerated construction using prefabricated structural elements. Rooted in decades of global architectural success, we're excited to bring this transformative method to our esteemed clientele.

Together with KLN REALTY, we build and sell trendy homes.

Fabricotti Mobili Trading Corp. Presents: The PPS Building Technology Project

In an ambitious collaboration destined to redefine contemporary construction, Fabricotti Mobili Trading Corp., together with KLN REALTY, introduces the unparalleled PPS Building Technology. This sophisticated, industrialized system merges accelerated construction with the elegance of prefabricated skeletal elements, promising homes that embody both rapidity and refinement.

The Essence of PPS System

Prof. Branko Zezeli’s vision from the esteemed IMS Institute in Serbia brought the world the PPS Building Technology. With its unique post-tensioned connection of structural components, it stands as a testament to ingenuity in construction.

PPS Through the Ages:

  • Beginning of a Revolution: The world took notice when a distinctive five-storey edifice was birthed in Belgrade in 1957 using this innovative system.
  • Reaching New Heights: In 1987, PPS’s versatility was showcased as Hungary bore witness to a majestic 27-storey residential block.

A Global Odyssey of Construction

The past 55 years have seen the PPS system leaving its mark across continents. With a staggering 2.5 million square meters encompassing over 150,000 apartment units, its legacy spans nations from Yugoslavia and Italy to Russia, China, and beyond.

A Local Tribute

Mirroring its global prowess, the PPS methodology was at the core of the iconic three 22-storey PALM TOWERS in San Antonio Village, Makati City, in 1997. A monumental 56,000 square meters stands as a testament to this triumphant collaboration.

Fabricotti Mobili Trading Corp., KLN REALTY, and PPS Building Technology

A trinity of vision, innovation, and excellence. Together, we are not just constructing homes; we are curating future-proof lifestyles.